Artificial Intelligence

Michelle Mahoney – Head of Innovation at King & Wood Mallesons

In this interview–the last of our investigations of how law firms are becoming tech firms–Dan Hunter talks with Michelle Mahoney, the head of innovation at King & Wood Mallesons. She discusses the layered approach to technology and innovation that this elite, multinational firm provides, and divides up the task into four useful categories.

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EP 11 – Every Law Firm Is a Tech Firm

In this episode we talk about the way that law firms have responded to the new technology world in different ways. This episode’s title comes from an observation we heard from the CEO of a legaltech firm who said that “every law firm is a tech firm.” What he meant was that every firm has…

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Ep 3 – Dean Dan was into AI before it was Cool

In this episode, Lisa Leong, Mike Madison and Dan Hunter unpack all the hype around “Artificial Intelligence” in the context of law. Prof Dan was on the public speaking circuit in the 90s banging on about AI – but in those days, no one was listening. Lisa thinks that he was so into AI that…

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