Month: November 2019

Professor George Williams AO – Dean of UNSW Law School

In this interview, we chat with Prof George Williams AO, dean of UNSW Law School. George has thought a great deal about what the future of law should look like, and when he took over the law school he conducted a listening tour with a huge range of stakeholders of his school. We talked with…

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Professor Nick James, Dean of Bond Law School

“The name’s Bond, Professor Nick James from Bond.”  Seriously, I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to use that joke.  In this interview, Dan (that’s me) interviews Nick James, the dean of Bond Law. We chat about his take on the future of legal education in Australia, and what Bond are doing to push…

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Ep 12 – The Future Of Legal Education In Australia

After diagnosing the state of US legal education a few months ago, in this episode the terrific trio talk about the nature of Australian law schools and discuss some of the challenges that they face in the years to come. With insights from guests Prof George Williams AO (UNSW), Prof Nick James (Bond) and Prof…

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