Month: September 2021

Krista Contino Saumby, on Building Bridges for New Lawyers

The future of law is, in a word, people. But are the people ready? Are new lawyers being prepared effectively to transition from the worlds of their formal education and training to the dynamic and different worlds of the 21st century legal workplace?  Host Mike Madison talks with lawyer and legal entrepreneur Krista Contino Saumby,…

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Dierk Schindler and Bernhard Waltl, the Liquid Legal Institute and a Common Legal Platform

The Liquid Legal Institute, headquartered in Germany, is a think tank and platform for activism that aims to develop new shared standards for transforming the future of law practice with, and in the shadow of, cutting-edge technology.  Future Law Podcast host Mike Madison talks with LLI co-founders Dierk Schindler and Bernhard Waltl about the LLI’s…

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