The Orrick Series: Global Operations, with Kelly Cullen and Will Turani

Orrick, one of the world’s best-known law firms, partners with The Future Law Podcast for a 4-episode look around the organization, taking stock of its people, its innovation practices, its organizational design, and its industry partnerships.  

This third episode in The Orrick series features a talk about global operations and specifically about Orrick’s Global Operations and Innovation Center (GOIC), its facility in Wheeling, West Virginia. How has the GOIC evolved over time, and what roles do the GOIC and the GOIC play in Orrick’s practice today?     

The Director of Orrick’s GOIC, Kelly Cullen, and the firm’s Director of Firmwide Office Administration Will Turani join host Michael Madison for this episode.



Kelly Cullen at Orrick

Will Turani at Orrick

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