The SAL TechLaw.Fest 2021 Series: Ken Hwee Tan and Bridget McCormack on Will Robots Replace Judges?

TechLaw.Fest is a signature production by the Singapore Academy of Law, and the Future Law Podcast is pleased to continue the conversations hosted there with this podcast series on the future of law and technology.

This second episode in the series features a conversation about judging and the role of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in courts. Will robots replace judges? Hear from two senior lawyers with very different backgrounds:  Ken Hwee Tan, Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer for the Singapore Judiciary, and Bridget Mary McCormack, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan. They were interviewed by Future Law Podcast host Michael Madison, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. 

Can they find common ground?



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Chief Justice McCormak’s official biography

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