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Dierk Schindler and Bernhard Waltl, the Liquid Legal Institute and a Common Legal Platform

The Liquid Legal Institute, headquartered in Germany, is a think tank and platform for activism that aims to develop new shared...

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Ian Rodwell, Linklaters, on How Lawyers and Clients Learn

“What’s the future of knowledge?” comes to ground for law and lawyers in this wide-ranging podcast interview featuring Ian Rodwell, Head...

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Justice Deno Himonas and John Lund, on the Utah Regulatory Sandbox

The “regulatory sandbox” in Utah is a leading example of innovation to promote innovation – and justice. On this episode of...

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Jordan Furlong, on Future Law, Re-regulation, Access to Justice, and the Rule of Law

Jordan Furlong brings an unusual sharp and critical eye to conversations about the future of law, as a consultant, author, and...

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Michael Sears, on Leadership Innovation in the Military, Silicon Valley, and Law

Michael Sears spent three decades as an investor and CEO in Silicon Valley after a first career as an officer in...

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Vikram Mansharamani, Trend Spotter, not a Lawyer

Future law means understanding worlds beyond law. Lawyers spend a lot of time talking to other lawyers. This episode features a...

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Show Hosts

Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter is Professor of Law and Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, at Queensland University of Technology. He was the founding dean of Swinburne Law School.

Lisa Leong

Lisa Leong is CEO of Ohten APAC and a radio presenter.

Mike Madison

Michael Madison is Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Future Law Project at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.